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Partridge Nest Pods

Camping Pods and Holiday Cottage in the Esk Valley

Groups bookings

Groups bookings

We understand that everyone is desperate to see ALL their loved ones, and what better a plan than to all come together for a few days and nights in the wonderful fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings of the National Park. But we need to remind you that, at this tiny site only 2 pods MAXIMUM may be booked by any group for your stay

It is terribly dissapointing when you plan, and think you've booked, your lovely get together only to have your booking cancelled as you've booked too many pods. More disappointing (and costly) still is to arrive onsite and be turned away as you have broken the booking terms and conditions.

Partridge Nest Pods is very small, with just 6 pods, and any group with more than 2 pods would effectively have half or more of the site booked, and that leads to other guests feeling overwhelmed and overun. 

One option would be to book the entire site (as did the gorgeous folks in the photo and as have 3 groups for summer 2021)   If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please contact Caroline for a bespoke quote

Have a Happy Easter everyone and we hope to see you soon x



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